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AnTo Tea is a story. There is no other word to define it. AnTo Tea is not a story of extraordinary plots and mysterious or unexpected events. AnTo Tea is a story of hope and belief, of cooperation, trust and motivation for a dream. But a dream is a story, which tells our calming deepest desires, without which no ideal meaning is given to our mornings. AnTo tea is the story of a dream which makes itself concrete in collaboration, networking, customers’ satisfaction and struggle. AnTo Tea is the struggle of a mother chasing her vocation and ambition to innovate and offer the ready public a new opportunity to appreciate the traditional rituals and the modern technology, together. This opportunity is there, to be grasped by those that are willing to spot it and try it. AnTo Tea is the story of a product that is for everyone, offering the oldest a taste of the past and the youth a fresh embrace of rhythm and flavour.

AntoTea has innovated the beverage sector and received recognition for the story it tells about dreaming, cooperating, envisioning and generating new perspectives for bringing together business and social wellbeing. Hibiso is not only a healthy, natural and high quality product to enjoy. Hibiso is also the product of different expertises, ideas and trials put in place for giving business making a new opportunity to grow with society. AntoTea does not chase profit making, but satisfaction and team-results that could create solidarity and affection worldwide.

AnToTea is not a common business pursued through the shortest and most comfortable way. Their products success travel through the more tortuous roads of trust, mutual exchange and solidarity, which contribute to greater satisfaction when being drunk. It’s not only about a drink that is organic, technologically innovative and traditional at the same time, but its appreciation is rooted in the value it has for producers and all those believing in it, despite the challenges of modern business making. For this, Hibiso is not a conventional product.

Hibiso speaks for the hands of passionate agricultural specialists and farmers who improve their methods day by day, tirelessly, and connect with small producers and buyers for the improvements of social connections and local wellbeing. Hibiso is the history of a country in all its diversities and local production clusters all in one. Hibiso it is the smile of a single sale, the warmth of a busy day when it ends, the comfort of a chair located in the middle of a farm surroudned by vietnamese limestones, is the freshness of protection from the sun. Hibiso is the balance coming from carefully selected oils, which are rarely used for infusion, and that AnTo Tea is proud to develop with farmers to increase the opportunity for owing and diversifying uses and agricultural practices. AntoTea does not want to cede to the pressures of globalisations on farmers wellbeing, and prioritises it, even at the cost of seeing the sales decreasing. AntoTea is a bet on humanity to believe in a different future through the power of an idea supported by everyday endurance. That future is possible, and they are narrating it.


The quality of this product is surprising. The power of the taste of nature in my mouth is exceptional. The fresh and soft touch of rain on roses touches my feelings and the sweetness given to the pink herbs embraces me in comfort. My curiosity is stimulated, constantly, from the desire of adding ice and try it, then warm my glass up and enjoy it, then back to room temperature and simply enjoy every sip.

My palate cannot do without. When tea becomes routinary and sweetness is needed, Hibiso gives a natural opportunity to enjoy a moment of care in a easy, practical and innovative ways. The sachets are so easy to use, the palm sugar so little and balanced. The aromas of the fields hits my mouth. Hibiso is the drink we were all waiting for, caring about our health, immune system and the environment and livelihoods of those working the lands and believing themselves in Vietnamese agricultural produces.

(Celeste Luciano

LUMID MA’s student – Lund University)