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The perilla leaf is a versatile and fragrant herb that belongs to the mint family. It has a purple-red color that resembles raw meat, hence the common name beefsteak plant. It is native to Asia, where it is widely used in cuisines such as China and Korean. It has been used widely in Japan to protect health and immune system espcially in the cold and wet weather

The perilla leaf grows from a seed that is dispersed by the wind. It sprouts in the spring and develops a bushy and spreading habit. It prefers full sun or light shade, and dry and well-drained soil. It produces small white tubular flowers in the summer, which attract bees and butterflies. The perilla leaf is harvested before it flowers, as the flavor and aroma are strongest then. It can be eaten fresh or dried, and used as a salad herb, a flavoring, or a medicine. The perilla leaf has a life cycle of one year, and dies after producing seeds.

Perilla oil extract from perilla leaf is a liquid form of perilla leaf, which is an herb that has various uses in traditional medicine and cuisine. The extract is usually obtained by steaming or boiling the leaves and collecting the resulting liquid. It has a minty and herbal flavor and may have antioxidant, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, gastrointestinal, and dermatological effects.

AnTo Tea is working with farmers to standardlize the organic farming and oil extracting process. The operting model is to crete the farmer community to plant in sustainable methods. Anto Tea will transfer the knowledge through community capabilities building.


Anto Tea key manufacturing capablities is the R & D and manufacturing capabilities such as production mangement and lean methods. Anto Tea has the manufacturing audit to select the best manufacturing factories.

The relationship amog Anto Tea and manufacturing factories is to product the anto tea in compliance with GMP and HCCP standards. Besides that , Anto Tea has the program to help manufacutring to increase through productivty and quality improvement if they need from Anto Tea team.

By selecting and developing the manufacturing factory, Anto Tea maitain the best quality and the reasonable cost at the same time to create the sustainble for alll stake holders of Anto Tea Ecosystem

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