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Top 10 Most Promising Organic Brands From Vietnam – 2023

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Asia is the largest of the world’s continents, covering approximately 30 percent of the Earth’s land area. It is also the world’s most populous continent, with roughly 60 percent of the total population. Asia is called a ‘continent of contrasts’ because there are so many cultures, religions, languages, government, lifestyles, and traditions. The vast populations in Asia provide huge consumer markets to companies, and many international businesses seek to expand into Asia simply because of the sheer scale. Decades of development and economic growth have lifted many millions of people from poverty into…

Top 10 Most Promising Organic Brands From Vietnam – 2023

offer top quality juice with zero sugar, no preservative and artificial color just 100 percent pure dragon fruit juice, work harder to produce premium products, every time

A company which offers B2B business with core products from hibiscus and perilla, the first product is hibiso organic drink with fresh feelings and impressive colors

A food company producing healthy products which are loved by domestic and foreign consumers, including nutritional powder, shrimp puff pastry, pho – noodle soup, vermicelli, rice paper and instant products and many more

An organic rice brand initiated with the goal and the desire to bring consumers the best, environmentally friendly products without the use of chemicals to cultivate

Providing solutions for sustainable raw materials, specialized in the research, sourcing, and distribution of eco-friendly fabrics, include fibers of natural origin or recycled fibers

A manufacturer and exporter of nuts and dried fruits, the best trading and processing company supplying high quality nuts, dried fruit and other consumer health products worldwide

A manufacturer and supplier of highquality agricultural products all over the world, with several years of industry experience by producing rice, spices, fruits & seafood industry

A company working with rural farming communities to promote organic and sustainable farming practices have been developed through extensive research and development

The producer of flower tea a healthy drink, proved organic flower teas as an effective medicine in preventing and treating various diseases, helps regulate hormones, purify, detoxify, anti-aging, skin improvement, beautify hair, and others

A major producer, trader and exporter of organic cinnamon, anise and spices, choose to pursue a business model that creates social impact, bringing sustainable value to people in the chain and other stakeholders

Top 10 Most Promising Organic Brands From Vietnam – 2023 | Asia Business Outlook